Today, So-called “World Leaders”, Are Using These Current Events That They Intentionally Brought About to Cause Even More Chaos and Panic. They Are Announcing That Food and Energy Will Be Scarce, and Very Hard Times Are Coming; All This Initiated by Their Hands Alone

In a world such as this, where every freedom is being relinquished, where every aspect of life is being controlled, where every state threat is a lie, where every truth is avoided; what will become of man? Power and control over large populations can only be achieved over time, and initially in smaller steps, but as the progression of tyranny consumes the majority, extreme force will be more easily accepted. All totalitarian systems rely on voluntary servitude in order to exist, because there are so many more of us than them. Once this state of willing cowardice and indifference claims the population like a ‘virus,’ this mass sickness of society will consume itself, and all that will remain will be a life of slavery and misery; due to dependence on the very masters who brought about the plot to control the people.

You have accepted the lies, you have accepted self-imprisonment in your own homes, you have accepted the forced loss of your jobs and sustenance, you have accepted the abandonment of family and friends, you have accepted the wearing of deadly masks, you have accepted mandates to self-mutilate with experimental bio-weapon injections, you have accepted tyranny, and you have accepted all this and more without an effective fight. Now, that same ruling class of evil monsters that have feasted on your fears, are taking away your food. They (rulers and governments) are closing off farm land, they are prosecuting fake wars that will greatly harm the food supply. They are buying farmland to leave it dormant. They are killing and starving animals meant for food, they are closing off supply lines, and they are doing these things intentionally in order to bring you to your knees. What will you do when there is no food?

Today, people are awaiting their next order, they are awaiting the next false-flag ‘emergency;’ they are awaiting permission to live free. They are doing this without much resistance, mainly because resistance requires courage and an acceptance of truth, and of course, self-responsibility for one’s own being. While this mass apathy runs rampant, the evil that is the controlling class, is plotting to build a global governing system meant to take control of every aspect of life as we know it. They have even named it the ‘New World Order,’ or now the ‘Great Reset.’ They are doing this openly, and in full view of all. The plots of the powerful, those like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, the entire Davos crowd, all the top political classes and governments, including presidents and rulers worldwide, the insanely rich whores that control banking, huge corporate entities, agriculture, medical care, pharmaceuticals, and technology, are all on board with this attempted takeover of humanity.

Of course, those who cling to the state narrative, and the state supporting ‘fact checkers’ who protect that narrative, will call foul on all those exposing truth, and given the gullibility of the masses, most will not understand what is going on until it is too late. Among all the other risks we face, and all the terror that has been especially obvious in the past two plus years, we now are facing huge food and energy shortages in the near future and beyond; food shortages that are being announced in advance by the same political class perpetrating this fraud. This purposeful attempt to outline what horrors are coming by the very perpetrators of the threat, is psychological torture meant as cover for planned nefarious deeds. The warnings are mere announcements of the state plot to destroy society.

The fabricated scam called the ‘virus pandemic,’ and the ensuing response to that false threat, were meant to stifle or destroy economic activity, eliminate freedom, harm markets, cause mass fear, and decimate supply lines. Recently, in order to bolster that criminal plot, a staged war between Russia and Ukraine was used to enhance the horrors already in place. It just so happens, another ‘coincidence’ of course, that food, energy, and fertilizer production in these areas was vital to many parts of the world. With this fake war came huge supply line disruption, monetary madness, intentional shortages of wheat, fertilizer, animal food stocks, and energy, causing all prices to escalate dramatically almost overnight. This had repercussions around the world, including the U.S., as these scheduled agendas against humanity all began to fall into place.

With supply line closures came shortages, shortages caused much more price inflation, price inflation caused more poverty and starvation, and economic harm to food producing farms and ranches that had already been decimated by the closing of all restaurants during the ‘Covid’ scam. These things and more led to the fulfilment of long planned agendas previously outlined by the ruling class. Today, so-called ‘world leaders such as Biden, Trudeau, Schwab, Johnson, and many others, are using these current events that they intentionally brought about to cause even more chaos and panic. They are announcing that food and energy will be scarce, and very hard times are coming; all this initiated by their hands alone. There are no real mass food and energy shortages yet, but there likely will be very soon, and for an extended period of time.

Shelves will be empty, but not due to any ‘virus,’ or Russian ‘war,’ because these exact scenarios have been played out and planned for at least seven years or longer. These are planned and scheduled events, and have never been natural.

“In November of 2015—as you can learn from an official press release on the Cargill website—”65 international policymakers, academics, business and thought leaders gathered at the World Wildlife Fund’s headquarters in Washington DC to game out how the world would respond to a future food crisis.” Over the course of two days, the participants in this “Food Chain Reaction” crisis simulation role played a response to a number of converging and overlapping crises in the 2020s, including “two major food crises, with prices approaching 400 percent of the long term average; a raft of climate-related extreme weather events; governments toppling in Pakistan and Ukraine; and famine and refugee crises in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Chad and Sudan.”

“Among the expected corporate platitudes and blather about “staying ahead of the curve” in order to “get it right,” the World Wildlife Fund highlights the key takeaway from this exercise: “Only by stopping agricultural expansion, augmenting agricultural production, increasing resource-use efficiency, and reducing food waste, can we provide the food and nourishment we need, while ensuring we are conserving nature for future generations.”

Yes, it all comes back to the fictitious ‘climate change’ agenda, and now food animals are being slaughtered, crops are being laid to waste, supply lines are shut down worldwide, food and energy inflation is rampant, and the planned starvation of the public is now underway; just as has been gamed for years. Millions upon millions of chickens and turkeys are being slaughtered by government decree in Iowa and the Midwest, and around the world. The same is happening in some areas with cattle, hogs, and the destruction of crops, while farmers are facing bankruptcy due to government manipulation. The results of these criminal acts will directly affect all of us.

With all this, the Biden administration’s top priorities for supply line disruptions are concentrated in 4 unrelated areas; ‘Covid-19’ response teams to manufacture many more experimental, poisonous bioweapon injections called ‘vaccines,’ the manufacture and supply chain management of semiconductor chips, the Department of Defense (DOD) ‘investment’ to mine raw materials to combat ‘climate change,’ and to improve the nation’s cyber security, another false flag opportunity coming soon; all per Executive Orders 14017 and 14028.

Hell is coming, and famine is coming with it. The same situation occurred during the Great Depression, but this time it will likely be much worse, as the takeover of society, monetary chaos and digitization, and the depopulation agenda are gaining steam daily at this point. What will you do to protect yourself and your family? What will you do when you cannot get enough food? This world is embroiled in corruption and insanity, and has become a totalitarian hell. When will you say enough is enough, and will you stand your ground, or will you do nothing until it is too late?

“If we live in a state of constant fear, can we remain human?”

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